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UV LED Flexo Curing Lamp

UV LED Flexo Curing Lamp

The UVET’s flexo UV LED curing lamps are highly efficient solutions for significantly enhancing printing processes. They can offer high and uniform UV output to achieve increased print speeds for label printing, flexo packaging and decorative printing application.

In addition, these flexo curing lamps can improve adhesion and promotes the formation of a strong bond between the ink and the substrate. This not only ensures durability, but also enables superior product differentiation.

UVET has extensive knowledge of UV LED curing technology and successful UV flexo printing cases. We are committed to providing high-performance solutions to meet different printing needs. Work with UVET to achieve your customized solutions.


1. Increased Productivity and Faster Turnaround

UVET's UV LED flexo curing lamps provide high UV intensity to cure inks in a short time. It not only streamlines the production workflow, but also reduces waiting time, resulting in increased productivity.

2. Low Heat Output and Enhanced Process Flexibility

UV LED flexo curing lamps emit low heat, making them ideal for curing heat sensitive and thin substrates. This feature enhances process flexibility and control, allowing for a wider range of materials to be cured and expanding application possibilities.

3. Consistent and Stable UV Output

The curing lamps provide uniform UV output for a more reliable and consistent curing process, dramatically improving print quality and meeting the stringent requirements of industrial applications.

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  • Applications
  • UV LED system for flexo printing-4
    UV LED system for flexo printing-5
    UV LED system for flexo printing-6
    UV LED system for flexo printing-7
  • Specifications
  • Model No. UVSE-12R6-W
    UV Wavelength Standard:385nm; Optional: 365/395nm 
    Peak UV Intensity 20W/cm2
    Irradiation Area 260X40mm (customized sizes available)
    Cooling System Water Cooling

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